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Health Builders For An Immune Compromised Body

Immune system builders


-Liquid Minerals. Twin Labs brand is very effective and also has necessary vitamins.
Start with 2 ounces per day for the first 2 months. Continue with 1 ounce per day for good health always.
-Vitamin C. 3,000 to 5,000 mg. per meal or 9,000 to 15,000 mg. per day for 1 month. Continue 3,000 mg. always. (If you have a problem with acid in the vitamin C, use Ester C. Ester C is non-acidic and absorbs into the body more completely.)
-Brewers Yeast, Lewis Lab brand only. Add to salads, cereals, soups, meatloaf, hamburger, etc. 2 tablespoons per day per person. Contains vitamins/minerals, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Continue for good health always.
-Wheat Germ. Kretschmer brand. Use same as Brewers Yeast.
-Grape Seed Extract for 1 month. 1 tablet per meal.
-Grapefruit Seed Extract for 1 month. Liquid or tablet. 1 dose per meal for 1 month.
-Flaxseed Oil Capsules. 1 per meal for 1 month. Continue 1 per day for good health always.
-Enzymes in capsule form. 1 per meal. Continue for good health always.
-Garlic supplements for 1 month. Follow directions on the bottle. Continue for good health always.

Fresh food health builders

-Essential fatty acids from fish, especially salmon, halibut.
-Fresh garlic
-Fresh parsley
-Fresh cabbage
-Fresh carrots
-Fresh Tomatoes
-Fresh onions
-Fresh Avacado
-Fresh green beans
-Fresh, fresh, fresh vegetables of most varieties.

Fresh fruits of most varieties.

An apple a day! No wives tale.

Yoghurt. (must include 6 or more cultures and a low sugar content) Stay away from the store brands as they will usually have low culture content and high sugar content.

Some fun stuff . The following are very effective in revitalizing your health.

Use essential oils in a hot soaking bath. The oils that smell good to you will be the most effective for you.

Coloidal Silver has been proven for fighting infection from fungus, virus and bacteria. Use only high quality. Follow directions on the bottle.

Don’t use;

-Antibiotics for a fungal infection. It may work initially, but will not cure the problem.
-Ionizers. (oxygen that is given off will feed the mold)
-Ozone machines. (oxygen that is given off will feed the mold)
-Bleach for cleaning mold. (some strains of mold feed on the chlorine salts)

Foods to avoid;

-Highly processed foods, such as canned and boxed foods.
-White flour
-Processed sugars
-Alcohol and fermented foods.

Other pointers

-Use only Stainless Steel Cookware. (the very best is waterless cookware made from surgical or hospital grade T304 Stainless Steel.)
-Never steam or boil vegetables as it kills the natural enzymes. Use only a small amount of water to maintain the natural vitamins and minerals.
-Cook below 160 degrees, but above 140 degrees.
-Use a small amount of water in the pan. Start the food on medium low, and when the lid rattles or moisture escapes the lid, turn the burner down to low for 12 to 25 minutes depending on the vegetable density and hardness.
-If you have T304 waterless cookware, you will be able to cook healthy by maintaining all of the natural nutrition found in vegetables. You will find foods cook faster, taste better, you will have a minimum of shrinkage and the pan is ultra easy to clean.
-Fresh vegetables cost less to purchase than frozen and taste much better. Canned vegetables are dead, the enzymes are gone, they have no flavor, and no nutrition.

The very best way to get maximum nutrition from fruits and vegetables is to use a juice machine. If you don’t and can’t own one, most people know someone who would loan one to you. Get a health juicing book and use it! It tastes great and there is no way you can eat as much vegetable/fruits as you can drink. It contains all the nutrition and fiber that your body needs to heal itself. Thrift stores often have one.

If you will follow the suggestions in these pages, you will begin to rebuild your body’s ability to heal its self. Your body has been overstressed by trying to overcome the toxic mold. You have become sick over time, so it will take some time to heal. Keep up a routine of health conscious living and you will be better than new in only a short while.

Remember the body needs;

-Fresh clean air.
-Fresh clean water.
-Good nutrition.
-Good night’s sleep.
-Reasonable exercise.