How to Choose a Mold Removal Company

Testing for mold is not mandatory. If you can smell it or see it, you clearly have a problem. Just keep in mind that this is an indication of a way bigger issue which is most likely related to inadequate ventilation as well as buildup of moisture. If you have really big issues with high moisture or stagnant water, you should turn to mold testing specialists that will help you understand why fungi is growing in your house. But before that, you have to select a company that can provide you with a quality service. In case you are wondering how to do that, read the tips we have listed below for you.

Get multiple estimates. Make sure that all the companies are bidding on the exactly same job. Also, ask the contractors to come and review the site before quoting you a price, rather than doing that over the phone. Be wary of contractors that give you extremely low estimates because they might be cutting corners while working on the job.

Ask for reference. You should ask the mold removal companies to give you the names of some of their recent customers. If possible, give them a call and ask whether they were satisfied with the service and if they would hire that company again.

Get a written inspection report. It should include a summery of all the inspected areas and the cause of the problem.

Find out whether complains have been filed against the contractor. You can do that by checking with the Department of Agriculture, Trade Consumer Protection, Bureau of Consumer Protection and the Better Business Bureau.

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