Want to Know If the House Your Are Thinking of Buying Is Mold Free?

A mold home inspection can be done using a DIY kit, or using a professional mold inspection service. If you area DIY enthusiast, begin with a visual inspection for any mold or moisture found around the sinks, windows, and water lines. You can buy a cheap moisture pin meter in most home improvement stores to check for any moisture. Plus, you could detect mold using other methods, for instance, detecting a smell which is being emitted from vents or air ducts. Ducts which house mold are especially hazardous because they are able to spread mold spores throughout an entire house quickly.

However, having a professional inspection is not expensive and will provide you with access to a more in-depth inspection, which as a homeowner you would not be able to do yourself. A professional uses a thermal imager in order to detect moisture, which is not visible to the naked eye. The professional will include a complete leak and moisture analysis, air quality, humidity, and a drainage inspection. Some even use fiber-optic cameras in order to inspect all the wall cavities.

It’s not unusual to see minor mold within bathrooms, mostly on the tiles. This can be easily seen and kept in check by cleaning regularly with bleach and water. More severe infections will need an EPA fungicide. Plus, you have to take steps to make sure mold does not come back, by getting rid of the source of moisture which allowed it to grow in the first place. Mold will re-occur if there are continuing water issues, like siding leaks, damaged water lines, or damage due to storms. Mold can also grow if water enters a property via its foundations, or if any part of the house is constantly suffering from high humidity. Believe it or not, mold can be brought into a home on our pets or on the bottoms of our shoes.

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